Welcome to my new blog…

This is where I will talk about all things fishy, a bit of politics and some occasional references to the other loves of my life…but mainly it will be about the wonderful campaigning work of the Angling Trust and how we are fighting for fishing. And because you I hope you will like it I intend to litter these posts with pictures of nice fish starting with this lovely big tench from Englefield Lagoon near Reading. It was my fourth over 9lbs and a personal best at 9.11. Carrying not an ounce of spawn she could easily go over 11lbs at some point.

Fish like this are worth fighting for ! If you love your fishing, join the Angling Trust.

On the campaigning front we are currently working hard at the Angling Trust to get the government to allow angling clubs and fishery owners to be able to protect our fish stocks from unsustainable predation by cormorants and goosanders. Check out our Action on Cormorants campaign HERE . We need you to get involved… Now !

A fin perfect two pound plus roach. Probably slashed to bits by now thanks to the cormorants !

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